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Wed Apr 7 19:34:14 PDT 1999

THL? Scotti wrote:
>	I agree, the evidence is that fermentation was NOT complete.
>that mead had been in the secondary carboy for a full year and was showing
>no signs of continued activity.

'Round here, we have a term associated with great meads that go into
the bottle after a year: impatience.  (I tend to rack them for up to
three years before bottling.  Pretty much requires sulfite, though.

As to thermometers, I would like to second what Badger said...except
that he already seconded (and fourthed) it him(?)self.  A thermometer
is fine for observational purposes without compromising the historical
exercise.  What would be the harm in taking a specific gravity reading
even when recreating a historical style in which the technique was
not used?

Pre-industrial brewers and vintners had many advantages over me in
creating their beverages.  Chief among them was the fact that they
had the benefit of generations of knowledge and training; we, however,
are trying to recreate these same beverages essentially from scratch,
with just a couple weekends' worth of study.


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