hist-brewing: Re: hist-brewing and the SCA

Badger badger at nwlink.com
Wed Apr 7 09:39:18 PDT 1999

> >  << Also, where do you
> >  draw the line? If I sparge, which I will always do, that seems ok because
> >  it is an efficiency change that has minor effects on the finished product
> >  (assuming you adapt the recipe for this) >>
> > 	The question is, are you allowed to use a [definitely non-Period] 
> > thermometer?    8-)

This depends alot on what your doing.. (i agree with greg though on
allowed or not.. you can do what you want..)

My opinion is this... 

If your recreating the METHOD then you might want to not rely on the
thermometer.. (notice i said rely) i would use the thermometer to record
the tempetures for later study of the process, but not base any decisions
on it, rather we would be following period practices.  

if your recreating the BEVERAGE, then simply knowing the period method,
IMHO, is good enough.  as long as you know what you would have done in
period, and can compare them its ok.

Now all bets are off if your competing in a competition. :)  

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