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<< If you
 had corks pop, Scotti, then you must have bottled before fermentation was 
 complete.  >>
	I agree, the evidence is that fermentation was NOT complete.  
that mead had been in the secondary carboy for a full year and was showing 
no signs of continued activity.  To an ale brewer such as myself, it appeared 
finished.  I mention this primarily as a warning to other newbie mead makers.
 << Just never assume that a judge knows something about the object being 
 judged in SCA brewing/vintning competitions - explain everything you did, 
 why you did it, and how it relates or differs from practices that can be 
 documented to be period.  Follow that formula and you can't go wrong. >>
	Sage advice.  I will take it as a talisman.
	Here in Meridies, the Knaves of Grain are trying to educate a group 
judges, but here in the western reaches of the Principality of Gleann 
Abhann, they are few and far between, so most judges are pick-ups.  
My Baron, who is a good winemaker but doesn't even like beer, was 
one of the brewing and vintning judges at the last A&S Faire we held 
as a Region.
	THL Scotti

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