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Chuck Graves Chuck.Graves at faa.gov
Wed Apr 7 06:11:36 PDT 1999

     My mailer botched up the message on Stepponi a bit:

>> I have a reference for a lightly carbonated lemon-raisin type beverage
>> that is druk from a well stop't vessel a few days (2 weeks) after
>> fermentation has begun.  It's included inCindy Renfrow's book and is
>> called Stepponi (in Digby it is supposed to be cellared in a cool pl e
>> abfter 2 weeks to slow fermentation I suppose this might extend the
>> time between first storage d fireworks; Martha Washington's Book says
>> drink after 2 weeks)

     I don't have _A Sip Through Time_ at hand, but I do have the Digby 
     reprint.  Stepponi is little more than raisin tea.  It is quite good 
     but NOT fermented.  As a matter of fact, take a good look at a recipe 
     for homemade lemonade. Except for the time frame (1 hr. for lemonade; 
     1 day for Stepponi) and the raisins, they are strikingly familiar.  I 
     would set it in a cool place because it tastes quite good chilled.  
     Also, the recipe is for a one-gallon batch. I'm not sure why you would 
     want to cellar the stuff.  Digby certainly doesn't recommend it in the 
     original text.
     By the way, I make it periodically--especially for events where 
     alcohol is not allowed.

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