hist-brewing: Re: hist-brewing and the SCA

Mon Apr 5 08:59:35 PDT 1999

After Lady Peytons reply I have a couple questions.

I am reasonably new to the SCA, but not to my interest in brewing and its
history.  Is it the consensus in the SCA that it is not "period" unless it is
an attempt to replicate a period recipe?  I always figured it was period if
you can justify the ingredients and methods as being period (or modern
equivalents) and historical likely to be used together.  Also, where do you
draw the line? If I sparge, which I will always do, that seems ok because
it is an efficiency change that has minor effects on the finished product
(assuming you adapt the recipe for this).  But if I plug a liqueur into my
CO2 tank that is not, because it is something that I can not seem to
reference as being a new way of doing something that was even
historically possible (since you can't ferment a liqueur for carbonation
due to alcohol level and even if you did, the CO2 version would be
significantly different). Is there a rule of thumb for this, or should I just
use my common since.  I do understand the risk of confusing and
mis-informing others by offering things as period when it is only a thin
resemblance used to justify this, and I will make a point to remember that
in the future.

Sorry if this subject is a bit off from the normal discussion here since it
has more to do with terminology than brewing.  I want to get this stuff
clear, especially since I am planning on putting together a brewing event
soon, also I figure there may be some confusion out there other than

I have some strong opinions on some issues, but on this I am hopping to
be informed by those who know more than me.

Nathi O'Patton

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