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Sat Apr 3 05:25:19 PST 1999

In a message dated 4/2/99 10:59:01 PM EST, pug at pug.net writes:

<< The references I've seen call it a stopper (or stop/bung it up) and not
a cork. This might just be a simple misinterpretation. >>

	I'm sure that when cork first came into use, corks were referred to 
as "cork stoppers".  But I agree with Pug.  If as Badger indicates, the 
reference is Sir Hugh Platt's A_Delight_For_Ladies (1609), then it is 
pre-Perignon and therefore prior to any widespread knowledge of the 
wonderful properties of cork bark.

	Ann gairdeachas agus obair,     THL Scotti

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