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<< And now for the anal retentive lecture.  Unless you have documented this 
recipe to period it is not
 period (I assume you are SCA since you're using the word period)  You can 
say you used a period
 method (which you don't plan to since you plan to use a CO2 tank) or that 
you created something
 with a period feel (which would be stretching it in this case it seems) or 
you can simply ignore
 whether or not it's a period beverage and say..."I made this I think it's 
nice.  Do you want to try
 it?"  There's nothing wrong with that!  I make some really cool non-period 
stuff and take it to
 events to share.  I just don't make any mention to "period" when I offer it 
around.  I can't count
 the number of times I've drunk Chocolate Liquor or "Badger Brew" (tm) and I 
love them, (especially
 if you bribe the guy who's ladling the "Badger Brew" for some fruit chunks 
at Pennsic) but they're
 not period and I couldn't care less.  It's rare (if at all) that someone 
will even ask you if the
 libation you are offering them is period or documentable unless you are 
entering a competition.  >>

	Nicely put!  We should all pay heed.
	I think most of us only worry about Documentation and Periodicity 
when we are going to enter the beverage in an A&S competition.  Lady 
Peyton has nicely expressed the proper scholar's perspective we should 
all strive for.
	Mistress Rosemounde's letter (Popular Chivalry, Oct 98) which 
tightened up the A&S rules, also tried to cut us some slack, in order to 
allow us room for experimentation (and more interesting beer).  We should 
not take this as a license to steal.
	Ann gairdeachas agus obair,       THL Scotti

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