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 It was done to stop Army Recruiters (normally sergeants) claiming that you
 taken the Kings Shilling.
  The Royal Navy used the Press gang to do its recruitment. They would visit
 Jails first, then tour the dockside taverns, normally the Press Gangs were
 lead by a Bosun or Petty Officer with a group of sailors, sometimes Marines
 were sent with them to keep the new sailors from escaping.  >>

	I agree with my esteemed colleague from across the Pond.  Army recruiters
were sneaky and devious, and would try to trick a man into signing up.  Navy
recruiters were more inclined to the brute force approach of the Press gang.
Naval tradition, according to Winston Churchill when he was First Lord of the
Admiralty (equivalent to our Secretary of the Navy) during World War I,
consisted of "Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash".   8-)
	Burr Loomis, Captain, USNR (retired)

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