hist-brewing: (Attn list coordinator) Re: possible misuse of list

Growltgger at aol.com Growltgger at aol.com
Thu Mar 18 20:12:40 PST 1999

Greetings, one and all.

Although an old-time SCAdian, I am fairly new to this particular mailing list.
Forgive me; what I have to say is off-topic, and I do not want to sound
ungracious.  But I do want to express my concern about a distressing problem I
just noticed TONIGHT.   I have reason to believe someone might be abusing this
mailing list:  "lurking" on it, and using it as a medium to "harvest" names
for various junk email lists.

Let me explain.  This screen name and AOL account of mine, are less than
THREE DAYS OLD.   I have emailed no one using Growltgger at aol.com.  I have
given the name out to no one, save the majordomo of the SCA Minstrel's list,
and the Brewing list.   This discretion was exercised, with the intention of
keeping the online porn merchants and scam artists from getting ahold of my
good name, and cramming my mailbox with junk---as they have, with past
accounts.   Still today, inexplicably, Growltgger at aol.com received its first
junk email.  I WAS FURIOUS.

Now, I do realize there are also a number of ways in which screennames can be
"harvested", especially on AOL;  one is by scanning Member Services for
profiles, another is by scanning people in chatrooms.  I can assure you, I
have taken steps against even these.  I have no AOL profile, and I have never
entered an AOL chatroom under Growltgger.   That narrows down the culprit to
someone on either of these lists.

Please, please, PLEASE....if you are the one doing so, cease and desist
immediately.  Junk email, or Spam, is a boorish and INFURIATING blight on the
bandwidth of the Web.  And stealing someone's name to exploit it commercially
goes agains everything the Society stands for.  For dignity and honor...please
knock it the heck off!!!

We now return to the topic as scheduled.  :)

Your servant,

>^..^<  Genevieve de la Tygresse Blanche

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