hist-brewing: Re: glass bottom mugs

Llyrs at aol.com Llyrs at aol.com
Thu Mar 18 16:23:45 PST 1999

<< My question of the moment is:  Does anyone know the story behind the 
origin of glass bottom beer tankards (usually pewter otherwise)...I read 
somewhere that it had something to do with navy conscription 
practices...Any enlightened souls out there? >>

It done to stop Army Recruiters (normally sergeants) claiming that you had
taken the Kings Shilling.
 The Royal Navy used the Press gang to do it`s recruitment. They would visit
Jails first, then tour the dockside taverns, normally the Press Gangs were
lead by a Bosun or Pretty Officer with a group of sailors, sometimes Marines
where sent with them to keep the new sailors from escaping.

A Brit now living in Upper NY 

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