hist-brewing: More eggs in brewing. -Reply

Tue Mar 16 07:31:23 PST 1999

Beth Ann (Lady Peyton) wrote:
without a time machine we'll never know for certain what period
beverages were supposed to be like because primary documentation
doesn't exist in our craft.  This is why duplication of the period
recipe as closely as possible is so crucial.

IMHO limiting your historic brewing to only duplicating historic recipes
would be stifling not only to the brewer but to the craft.  Here is my
philosophy (in a list because after all, I am an engineer)

1) We can use historic recipes to discover what methods and ingredients
were available
2) It is safe to assume that people were just as creative and capable of
developing unique recipes (or more so) in the past as they are today. 
And brewers are damn creative (just observe some of the fruit, spice,
and other beer and mead categories at a competition).
3)Therefore: If we use ingredients and methods that were historically
available, with some attention to assure that these methods and
ingredient would have been available to any one particular brewer (not
mixing Australian Aborigine and Celtic 13th century...), we should have a
historic beverage that still shows the skill AND creativity  of the brewer.

To work on an example given.  Maybe there were some recipes that
were historically cloudy.  However, it is very likely that a different historic
brewer (than the one who recorded the recipe) would have preferred
his beverage clear, known about egg whites, and used them when
following the recipe or brewing one similar.

All right, I am done and will shut up now.

Nathan Moore

PS (are there any other Outlands (SCA) brewers on this list? If so I
would be interested to here from you via private E-mail)

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