hist-brewing: More eggs in brewing.

Beth Ann Snead ladypeyton at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 15 15:41:39 PST 1999

> Shane wrote a little while back:
> 		What sort of ratio are we talking about here? How many
> tablespoons (eggs?) per gallon?  Does it affect the taste any?  How
> does the clearing take before bottling?  (Gee can you tell I'm
excited about
> this little discovery? I've been wondering how I can clear up my meads
> without using chemicals so I can enter them in period brewing

The key to entering a period brewing competition is to have a solid
basis for your entry.  This means:  1>  Starting with a recipe that
was published in period and redacting it to modern English.  2> 
Following the instructions precisely.  3>  Most importantly
documenting where you veered away from "your interpretation of" the
recipe and 4>  most importantly WHY you veered away from the original

Therefore I would hesitate to randomly use eggwhites in a mead recipe
just because it's a little cloudy.  It may be that the particular
recipe you are following is supposed to be cloudy.  Unfortunately
without a time machine we'll never know for certain what period
beverages were supposed to be like because primary documentation
doesn't exist in our craft.  This is why duplication of the period
recipe as closely as possible is so crucial.

Beth Ann
Lettice, Lady Peyton in the SCA

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