hist-brewing: More eggs in brewing.

Thomas Towey TTowey at bn.com
Mon Mar 15 12:12:25 PST 1999

Shane wrote a little while back:
		What sort of ratio are we talking about here? How many
tablespoons (eggs?) per gallon?  Does it affect the taste any?  How long
does the clearing take before bottling?  (Gee can you tell I'm excited about
this little discovery? I've been wondering how I can clear up my meads
without using chemicals so I can enter them in period brewing contests).
Going through one of my favorite references, "A Sip Through Time (ISBN
0962859834) by Cindy Renfrow - almost 100 of about 400 recipes contain egg
in one form or the other.  There is a 1723 recipe for a type a beer called
Mum that asks for 5 whole eggs to be placed at the bottom of the barrel and
the beer aged two years.  With the exception of aging beer and mead with
"eggs not broken nor crack'd", brewing recipes with eggs seem to fall into
two categories. Adding egg yolks for fortification or using egg whites and
sometimes egg shells for clarification.
A ratio of ½ to 2 egg whites to a gallon seemed typical for mead/beer
clarification.  The egg whites where beaten and sometimes mixed with ¼ to 1
egg shell per gallon of must.  This mixture was usually introduced during
the boil but sometimes added after the must is cooled.
PS.  Please post any information about period brewing contests as they come
up.  I would love to hear more about them, thanks.

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