hist-brewing: Oak leaf in Viking Mead Recipe?

Dan McFeeley mcfeeley at keynet.net
Fri Mar 12 07:57:47 PST 1999

I found the post listed below on a gopher server some time ago -- sorry 
about the lack of citation, but this was all that was listed.  I have a
few questions on the use of leaves in the recipe.  I'm certain that
the leaves were supposed to be oak, but how much are needed?  It calls
for a "3 inch handful of loose leaves"  but what does this mean?  A 
three inch thick handful?  Are dried leaves supposed to be used?

Does anyone else know about the use of oak leaf in wines and meads?

Pors is also known as bog myrtle, according to an old discussion on
MLD.  Does anyone know any sources where this can be ordered from?

Thanks in advance for any help?

Dan McFeeley
mcfeeley at keynet.net


Subject: old_mead

Subject: 1600's Mead book w/Viking ingred
1600's Mead recipe w/old nordic (viking) ingredients.

        1 gallon dark clover honey
        4 gallons spring water
        2 sprigs Pors and about a 3" handful of loose leaves
        4 tsp acid blend
        5 tsp yeast nutrient
        1/2 tsp Irish Moss

(Pors = "Myrtus Brabantica")

To make mead do like you would if you were making wine

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