hist-brewing: Egg whites in mead

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Wed Mar 3 05:31:26 PST 1999

 On Tue, 2 Mar 1999, Wade Hutchison wrote:
 > Ah - my question would be why do you think that meads were clear
 > in period?  >>
	All my great meads have cleared naturally in the course of the nine 
to twelve months aging in the secondary, and without the uses of any 
fining agents.  Maybe the it's the yeast?  Small meads, on the other hand,
are usually still cloudy when bottled after a month.
<< Is clarity important in pre-16th century beverages? >>
	Clarity should be irrelevant in unhopped medieval ales, which were 
not boiled again after mashing, and where the dissolved and micro-particulate
proteins were an important dietary component.

<< Is a contest that judges medieval beverages on clarity fair? >>
	I don't think so.  IMHO, that should be in the style sheet.  Comments?

	In Joy and Service,   THL Scotti mac Curraugh

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