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<< How common were glass glasses (that you could see through) 
 compared to earthenware containers etc (that you can't see through 
 for obvious reasons), do anyone have some actual figures on this, 
 from excavations etc. ?
 If the earthenware was the most common, why bother making a product that
 most ppl couldn't see anyway? >>

	"Drinking Vessels (Mostly Glass) of the Middle Ages" Diane Harper, 
Tournaments Illuminated, v.124, Autumn 1997, discusses this.
 	The problem is that drinking horns, and wooden mugs, and leather 
jacks were also Period, and being organic, those don't preserve well in the
archaeologic record, except in peat bog and desert sands.  This problem, which
I would dub differential taphonomy, makes it almost impossible to even begin
to answer questions about quantifiable populations.
Scotti mac Curraugh

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