SV: hist-brewing: Egg whites in mead

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Tue Mar 2 08:52:35 PST 1999

Personally I feel that clarity isn't an issue as long as the taste is OK
and I guess t was the same in period.
How common were glass glasses (that you could see through) compared to
earthenware containers etc (that you can't see through for obvious
do anyone have some actual figures on this, from excavations etc. ?
If the earthenware was the most common, why bother making a product that
most ppl couldn't see anyway?

Angus MacIomhair.

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> Ämne:	Re: hist-brewing: Egg whites in mead
> Ah - my question would be why do you think that meads were clear
> in period?  Is clarity important in pre-16th century beverages?
> Is a contest that judges medieval beverages on clarity fair?
> Recently some folks posted about some brewing contests that 
> were including "experimental" or "historical" categories. 
> Do we know what the judging criteria for those categories 
> was/will be?  From the standpoint of the SCA, I would think
> we should judge the _process_ just as much as the results
> (which will be very subjective since there is no "standard"
> against which we could judge).  It seems to me that comparing
> period (pre-17th century) brews to modern styles is a losing
> proposition for the historic brewer.
> 	-----wade/Gille

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