SV: hist-brewing: Eggs in Wine

Brokk H940114 at
Tue Mar 2 05:46:58 PST 1999

> Greetings Lords and Ladies,
> I have seen several recipies which call for the addition of eggs or
> egg
> whites in Mead and a few wine recipies.  I have yet to find a
> reference
> as to what the eggs were included for.  Possibly for flavor (yuck) or
> to
> help it clear?  Does anyone know?  Incidently, my period brewing class
> has been canceled due to time constraints twice.  I hope this month a
> populus I can present it.
> Inservice,
> Morgan the Vintner
> What does the recipe say? Could you post it?
> I've never seen it used as flavoring, but egg whites (along with
> crushed shells IIRC)
> is sometimes used for clarification.
> Personally I've never used it though.
> Angus MacIomhair.

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