hist-brewing: Belgian Lambic

Faulconess at aol.com Faulconess at aol.com
Mon Mar 1 22:41:33 PST 1999

Greetings, fellow lushes!

I have been making mead and cordials for a while now, and am looking to expand
into other areas of brewing.  I don't really like beer, per se, but I do love
Lambic.  It's a far cry from the typical fruit-flavored microbeers (or "Beer
coolers", as their detractors call them);  and its strong fruity flavor adds a
satisfying kick that, to my taste, has always been lacking in plain beer.

>From what I understand, Lambic is also period--since it's supposedly the
oldest type of beer brewed by man anyway.  I've not seen strong documentation
for either claim though.  Does anyone on the list have a reliable source for
these assertations?

Primarily, I post this missive because I am looking hard for good lambic-style
recipes to try.  (I say lambic-style as a respectful disclaimer, because I
know true Lambic is only made in Belgium;  the best a home-brewer can do is
come really, really, really sort-of close!)   Anyone who has some good recipes
they can share...please feel free to contact me.

Numquam sitite!  /~\D

^v^  Fionna ni Caisidhe of the Firebrand
House Celestia, GDH, Aethelmearc

PS.   Are there any good Belgian Lambic imports available in the States,
besides Lindemans?  So far that's the only one I've found.....

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