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Jeff Renner nerenner at umich.edu
Wed Feb 24 06:48:17 PST 1999

bjm10 at cornell.edu srote:

>On Tue, 23 Feb 1999 PBLoomis at aol.com wrote:
>> part of oat malt to three parts of barley malt.  I've just been using flaked
>> oats and assuming there is enough diastase in the two-row barley to
>>convert it
>> all.  It occurs to me I may be overly optimistic.  Does anybody know how to
>Just toss in some six-row.  Does anybody have definite dates on the
>breeding of two-row, in any case?  I've never really bothered to track it

There is a great article, "A Comparison of North American Two-Row and
Six-Row Malting Barley" by Paul Schwarz and Richard Horsley at
http://brewingtechniques.com/bmg/schwarz.html.  I strongly recommend
reading it and bookmarking it.  Six row was called Manchurian barley, and
is not authentic to historic European beers, not that that would stop me.
Modern barley breeds aren't either.

While 6-row has 160 deg. Lintner amylase vs. 120 deg. for 2-row, 2-row
should convert 33% oat malt.  It would good to do an iodine test to make


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