hist-brewing: Re: oat malt report and recipes

Jeff Renner nerenner at umich.edu
Mon Feb 22 12:22:35 PST 1999

More oat malt information from an email to me last year from the maltster
(isn't it nice that there is still a family member involved in this old

3) Oat malt laboratory worts are normally slightly hazy  rather than clear.
Oats are not normally low in protein and are quite difficult to modify from
a protein viewpoint,  which could well explain this. Our current stock
gives values of 11.8 % total protein with an index of modification of
27.8%.   4) As far as mash schedules are concerned  we would suggest you
ensure temperatures are between 63 degrees C and 68 degrees  C during
mashing in with a one hour minimum stand after mashing  in a grist composed
of 50% oat malt and 50% lager  malt.   5) You should aim at a liquor/grist
ratio of between  2.5:1and 3:1.   6) Oat malt needs very close mill
settings to achieve  an acceptable grist. For normal malts our standard
mill setting is 62 thou top and 58 thou bottom- for oat malt we
drastically reduce these settings to 48 thou top and 42 thou bottom.
Certainly a point to watch to produce  an optimal grist for mashing.  I
hope some of all this is useful. We are delighted that you  are using our
malts and hope that you have  every success with your future brews.  Yours
sincerely  James Fawcett

Jeff Renner in Ann Arbor, Michigan c/o nerenner at umich.edu
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