hist-brewing: florentine pogen, thought you'd want to know

Jim Liddil jliddil at azcc.arizona.edu
Fri Feb 12 05:23:56 PST 1999

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Since I was not spewing nonsense, I thought I'd post this followup.  and =
add soemthing brewing related maybe they could be mashed. :-)

>Here's some more precise info:
>Florentine Pogens: 88c/6 oz. (box)
>The toffee wafer dipped in real chocolate has an aura of excitement. A
>melt-in-your-mouth experience that may be too sophisticated for some
>Good for entertaining and great compnay while watching television. Sticky
>chewy, a delight to the senses. Good frozen too.
>(stop drooling, Ninja!)
>Florentine Pogens can't be bought in the U.S anymore, as Pogens Family
>shut down their factory in Compton in 1992. In Sweden, we can still buy =
>under the name Toscap=E5gar.
>  - Jon



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