hist-brewing: documentation for peach wine

Christina magdlena at texas.net
Tue Feb 9 18:40:35 PST 1999

Someone recently asked for documentation for peach wine.  This is my
favorite generic fruit wine recipe, from _Martha Washington's Booke of
Cookery_, #253 in "A Booke of Sweetmeats" pp 379-380.  Sorry, I don't
have the ISBN on hand. Martha dates to just before 1600 (read the intro,
which talks about dating the recipes).  Read to the end of the recipe
for mention of peaches.  Notice that there are actual brewing
directions.  Did I mention I like this recipe?  ;>

To Make Goosberrie Wine

 Take three quarts of ye ripest goosberries you can get.  beat them to
mash in a mortar, then take 2 gallons of spring water & mix them well
together.  & when thay have stood an houre or 2, let them run through a
hare sive.  then put to every gallon a quarter of a pound of loaf sugar,
& put it in a pot & cover it soe close yt noe aire can get in to it.
make a little hole in ye top of yr cover, which stop up close with a
corke.  then let it stand 2 days soe close.  & at two days end, give it
a little vent, then let it stand two dayes longer and give it a little
vent again.  after, let it stand 10 dayes, close covered, and give it
noe more vent. after, take the cork out & clear the wine into stone
pans.  If you dissern any thickness in it, run it through a Jelley
bagg.  then bottle it up and put into every bottle a lump of hard
sugar.  and to thisyou may put, If you pleas, two quarts of white wine,
which will make it more quick and brisk and strong.  this is a good way
to make wine of rasberries, mulberries, blackberies, peaches, or any
other fruit.  but for peaches, which is a liquid fruit, you may make
wine of their clear Juice without adding [any water] at all.


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