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J C Ronsen caleb at buffnet.net
Mon Feb 8 12:45:56 PST 1999

The following question was published in the 1st Quarter '99 issue of Scum.
If anyone has an answer that I can publish in response to this, please sent
it to me.

Question to the Brewers:
I made a ginger ale (not the soda pop) for the first time. My recipe said
it should start foaming in 24 hours. I didn't get any foam, I did get
bubbles. But what I did get, which was weird was, after sitting for a
month, was a paraffin type growth on the top of my brew.

It could be lifted off in one piece like a thin layer of soft wax, but it
had an elastic feel to it (like connective tissue found in fresh meat). And
it grew back. Has anyone ever had this happen to their ale - is my ale ok
or is this a sign of "contamination?"

I would truly love to know what's going on here! Fellow Brewmasters whom
I've talked to about this had no idea.

Kama Lee

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