Fermentation as preservation (wasRe: hist-brewing: Retro-documentation)

Nick Sasso Njs at mccalla.com
Wed Feb 3 10:07:56 PST 1999

Thank you so very much for posting anything you run across.  I'll look
for this source you listed.  Mayhaps some of my herbal or cooking
friends has this at hand.  Let me know if there would be anything I
could assist you with as well.

Likewise, I'll try to get a borrowed copy of Gerard's Herbal to paruse
on these items.  Very late period, but a good source.

 pace e bene

niccolo difrancesco

<<<<You'll have to grant me some time to reply in full to this post as
pushing the deadline for writing the  handout for a class I'm teaching
Saturday.  Since I'll be running through the sources this week anyway
I'll put them up here as I run across them.  The first is post period
but does fit the request for sources that proscribe fermentation as

Bonnefons, Nicholas de.  _The French Gardener: instructing how to
cultivate all sorts of fruit trees, and herbs for the garden: 
together with directions to dry and conserve them in their natural_ 
translated by John Evelyn from the French.  London:  1658. 294p.>>>

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