hist-brewing: Cloudy Metheglyns.

bjm10 at cornell.edu bjm10 at cornell.edu
Sun Jan 31 13:02:24 PST 1999

On Sun, 31 Jan 1999, J C Ronsen wrote:

> daily nutrition at that time period. Cloudy mead, while aesthetically
> displeasing, doesn't make the mead taste any worse. Clear brews are really
> a modern invention: Anhauser-Bush started filtering their beer around World

I would put the clarity of my twopenny up against any filtered stuff.  The
reason that the industrial brewers took to filtration is that it meant
they didn't have to let the beer naturally settle.  Low to
moderate-strength beer does not have to be filtered in order to be clear,
simply properly stored. 

> Generally speaking, if you want to make a "period" mead, let it stay
> cloudy. If you want to make a batch of mead and you don't care if it's 100%

How long is it going to be cellared?  There were beers brewed to be drunk 
immediately, and then those made in March to be drunk in October.  The 
same is likely true of meads.

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