hist-brewing: Grape and Peach Wine Recipe

Cindy Renfrow renfrow at skylands.net
Sat Jan 30 17:46:08 PST 1999


>I am looking for a basic grape wine recipe (period that is 600-1600) to
>use for documentation for an Arts and Sciences entry and have not found
>one.  I found one in Cindy Renfrow's book but it is dated 1815, a bit
>past SCA period.  I also have a peach wine I am very fond of and would
>like to enter but have not found a period recipe to cite.  If anyone
>knows where I can find one, I would appreciate it.

 There are 3 grape wine recipes in Andre Simon's collection, "How To Make
Wines and Cordials" (1946). They are dated 1696, 1799, and 1860.  Would any
of these be of use to you?


>Also, if you enter a wine, the cork is not period.  Do most people just
>state it as so in their documentation or are there period wooden or
>barrel containers available?  And how does one's wine taste drawn from

I've got a link to a barrel-maker on my links page:
http://members.aol.com/renfrowcm/links.html  plus I think 1 or 2 of the
merchants, like Lehman's might carry barrels.  You could use a piece of
bladder, or some clay, or a wooden peg.

>So many question, so little time (or knowledge?).
>Morgan the Vintner
>(Chris Caronna: ccaronna at swbell.net)

Cindy Renfrow
renfrow at skylands.net
Author & Publisher of "Take a Thousand Eggs or More, A Collection of 15th
Century Recipes" and "A Sip Through Time, A Collection of Old Brewing

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