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Al Korzonas korz at xnet.com
Mon Jan 25 11:42:50 PST 1999

Scott writes:
>of the time.  A hygrometer and test jar are cheap, invest.

Oops... should be "hydrometer."  Scott must have been thinking of his
cigar humidor while writing.

>You can buffer the must by adding some calcium carbonate (chalk) when you
>are preparing your water.  I usually add a tablespoon or calcium carbonate
>to my water.  I have not found that this has any effect on the flavor, it
>just buffers the must so that PH doesn't drop so quickly.  I have also on
>occasion added a little chalk disolved in a half-cup of water to stuck
>fermentations  to raise the PH a bit and had them take off again.

Actually, no... calcium carbonate is just about insoluble in plain water.
You can add it to the acidic honey must, however, and there it will
dissolve.  You can suspend the chalk in water, but you can't dissolve
much at all unless your tapwater is unusually acidic.

Incidentally, various honeys will produce a rather wide range of pH's.
I added no acidity or buffering (my water is naturally about 100 ppm of
bi/carbonates) to my basswood (linden tree) honey mead and the acidity
came out just right.  It won the 1st place for Traditional Mead in the
1997 AHA National Competition, so I must have done something right ;^).


Al Korzonas, Palos Hills, IL
korz at brewinfo.org

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