hist-brewing: Period Questions

Chris J. Caronna, R. Ph. ccaronna at swbell.net
Wed Jan 20 19:37:12 PST 1999

I have a few questions I hope someone out there can help me with.  I am
giving a talk on period wine making methods and am having some questions
I can not find the answers to.  I have been a wine maker for several
years with modern methods and so am familiar with modern methods but am
having trouble imagining how I could do it and with what in the past.

1.  Was period wine making  a two stage process as today with a rapid
fermentation followed by a slower air lock process or were air locks
even used?

2. What were used as period fermentation containers?  Ceramic? Wood?

3. How was the must set up?  By taste to add sugar and or acid/tannins?

4.  I have read that a period (Roman) container to age wine was called
an amphorae but can not find a reference as to its material composition
(ceramic? brass or some other metal?)

I am starting my talk with the Roman-Greek wines and ending with SCA
time periods of about 1600.
Any help you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!
Chris Caronna (Morgan the Vintner)
ccaronna at swbell.net

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