hist-brewing: Re: hist-brewing-digest V1 #233

Mark Schuldenfrei schuldy at MATH.HARVARD.EDU
Wed Jan 20 09:23:44 PST 1999

                               I have Cindy's book (which is very good,) but
  the majority of the recipes are late medieval/early modern, and I am
  specifically interested in pre-1400 recipes.  Any guidance would be greatly

A hastily and clumsily built page might help:

It was converted from a series of long emails I sent many years ago.
  >(Outside of our SCA relm, how many people do
  >you know that are interrested in circa 1000-1600 brewing  anyways?)
  More than you might think.

I am constantly amazed and disturbed by the sheer arrogance of the typical
SCA know-it-all, who presumes that the SCA has a lock on curiosity about the
past, and a lock on answers about it.  It is appalling, and I hope it
eventually appalls those that hold it.

	Mark Schuldenfrei  (Or, perhaps you know me as Baron Tibor.....)

PS. I don't know a lot about brewing, but I enjoy learning.  My thanks to
    the MANY who post here.

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