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Chad Osborne strategos at nctimes.net
Wed Jan 20 07:54:25 PST 1999

In a message dated 1/19/99 8:18 PM, OxladeMac at aol.com writes:

>I'm new to this list (today), so I'm not sure what has been said on this
>thus far, but I've got both _The_Homebrewer's_Garden_ and
>_Sacred_and_Herbal_Healing_Beers_ and have initial reviews on both of them.

I've been following this thread carefully (as a homebrewer with a deep
interest in ancient/medieval history,) and appreciate the reviews.  I would
further like to ask the group if there are any good sources of ancient/early
medieval recipes out there.  I have Cindy's book (which is very good,) but
the majority of the recipes are late medieval/early modern, and I am
specifically interested in pre-1400 recipes.  Any guidance would be greatly

>(Outside of our SCA relm, how many people do
>you know that are interrested in circa 1000-1600 brewing  anyways?)

More than you might think.

Chad Osborne

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