hist-brewing: Cloudy Metheglyns.

brokk h940114 at stud.kol.su.se
Fri Jan 15 10:57:56 PST 1999

The last year or so I've made an increasing number of metheglyns, and
all of them has been cloudy or hazy to some degree.  The melomels, which
is what i make most all seem to turn out just fine after 4 to 6 months,
but the metheglyns seem to retain theii hazy appearance even after 6+
The 1st metheglyn I ever made, still have a pint of it left is subject
to the same problem.
There are no particles left in it of any kind, and you can see through
the bottle, but it isn't as clear as the melomels.
I've checked with friends that make metheglyns that turn out just like
my melomels and we haven't found any differences.  Could a small
alteration in fermenting temperature, say 2 or 3 C/4-6F be the cause of
it all ?

For my metheglyns I often use cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, Seville Orange
and a  pinch of tea (Earl Grey's Breakfast Tea) for the tannic acid.
All equipment is cleaned with the same commercially available cleaner I
use for my melomels and room temp. during the fermentation is

Angus MacIomhair.

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