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Fri Jan 15 09:15:26 PST 1999


America's Finest City Homebrew Competition in San Diego, Ca. has included a
new category for 1999:  Ancient, Medieval, and Indigenous Beers.  The
historical examples that we've located are mostly ancient and indigenous
recipes.  We would be very interested to learn more about the Medieval beers
that many of your members specialize in.  The following is the category

This category is intended to encourage the brewing of fermented beverages
that pay homage to the historic roots of brewing.  Most historic styles
predate the use of hops in the brewing process.  Therefore, other means of
bittering and flavoring must be utilized.  Any hop character should be kept
low, or even absent.  Herbs, spices, other plant material, or other
characteristic ingredients are acceptable to the extent that their use is
legal and contribute to descriptive profile of the beer, and the beer is

Original gravity, color, bitterness, and final gravity limitations should
reflect the traditional requirements where applicable.  The following
sources may be consulted by the brewer wishing to brew in this category:

1) The Beer Drinker's Bible.  Authors: Gregg Smith and Carrie Getty
2) The Homebrewer's Garden.  Authors: Joe Fisher and Dennis Fisher
3) Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers: The Secrets of Ancient Fermentation.
Author: Stephen Harrod Buhner

The contest is slated for Saturday, March 6, 1999 with the entry window
occurring between February 15th and February 26th.  Online registration will
be available at www.softbrew.com/afchbc

We are also looking for judges, especially for this new category.  If you
are planning to be in San Diego and would like to judge, you may register at
the same online site.

Any comments or suggestions regarding this new category would be greatly
appreciated.  If any of you have judged a similar category I would be very
interested to hear your comments.  Thank you!

Peter Zien
Quality Ale and Fermentation Fraternity (QUAFF)
pz.jdzinc at worldnet.att.net

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