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You are welcome.  One of the more interesting points is that cane sugar is
used in European brewing, and I was wondering when it became feasible and
cost effective for brewers to have used it.  

Obviously not until fairly recently, like perhaps in the 1800's, when sugar
became cheaper than grain.

Still poking about on the maple syrup question.

On the plantation question, the island of Barbados was infamous for it's
treatment of the workers.


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I've enjoyed all the posts on sugar.  This has nothing to do with
brewing, but I've read that the Arabs had plantations on islands off the
coast of Africa where African slaves were used to produce sugar.  Later,
these plantations served as a model for the slave plantations in the new
world with African again being used as slave labor.  On that happy thot,
I retreat to my lurking self.  cheers,  jim booth, master of none
including himself.

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