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In a message dated 1/6/99 12:34:33 PM EST, Chris "no fancy name yet" Hebert
<< do you all want to reproduce their beer exactly to
 see what they drank, or are you making beverages that they would've
 made had they practiced the same sanitation procedures we do?
 I haven't read any of the texts referred to, and I haven't read any of the
 modern books like Renfrow's, and maybe these would answer my
 questions, but I thought I'd go to you folks first.  >>
	My personal motivation is simple.  I've been brewing for about five years, 
(as long as I've been in the SCA), mostly extract, and producing some good
drinkable stuff.  My wife is my only important customer (If Momma ain't happy,
ain't nobody happy) but others in the Barony of Seleone and elsewhere like my 
brew too.
	The Kingdom of Meridies has recently changed its judging rules for
brewing/vintning at Kingdom Arts & Sciences competition, requiring 
documentation of the pre-AD1600 nature of one's submission.  If I am to 
continue "seeking the Bubba's reputation even in the Canon's mouth", I have 
to subscribe to the canon.  This means going to all-grain brewing, and being 
able to cite chapter and verse on every ingredient and procedure.  That's why 
I'm suddenly a stickler for citations.  I will continue to follow modern
sanitation procedures, but try to use Elizabethan brewing technique otherwise.
	I have a bet with my Baron, the redoubtable vintner Finn Normansson.  First 
one to receive a Masterwork rating under the new rules gets the heartfelt
congratulations of the other, and the adulation of the Populace.
	In Service to Suds,         THL Scotti mac Curraugh.

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