hist-brewing: Re: sugar: cane vs. beet

Baden,Doug baden at oclc.org
Wed Jan 6 12:23:12 PST 1999

Here is the first cut, though I am looking at more sources and talking with
some people who have more of a clue than I:

Refined sugar was manufactured from about 1550 on, that I can find sources
for.  There are definite references from ~1550, one by Sebastian Münster
1489-1552.  His woodcuts show sugar cane growing on the Canary and Madeira
islands, though the reference I have is a collection from his books that was
published after his death.

I also think the availability of sugar dulled the interest in beet sugar :).

The Spanish and Portuguese had a lock on this production until the late
1600's where papers like "The inconsiderable implement of people by the
refining of sugar in England compared with that which is given by the trade
with Portugal" (1671) appeared.  French and English production of sugar cane
was off and running because the Spanish and Portuguese were gouging the
market, and so lost much of it from competition from the Americas, Cuba, and
especially Barbados.


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