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Christopher R. Hebert CRH at ny.rfny.rflaw.com
Wed Jan 6 09:40:27 PST 1999

I've been a subscriber here for about a month, and I'm a little confused.  I
definately don't mean to be a wise ass, so here goes...

I've been following the threads on oral tradition, cane sugar and hops
origination, and the other very intelligent discussions taking place here,
but my question is this.  Do you all use this information in actual brewing,
or is this of a more theoretical nature?  I home brew and really enjoy
what I make, but my (very) unlearned impression is that before Pasteur
and knowledge of hygeine came along, a lot of what our forebears drank
was pretty sketchy stuff. 

_If_ this is the case, do you all want to reproduce their beer exactly to
see what they drank, or are you making beverages that they would've
made had they practiced the same sanitation proceedures we do?
I haven't read any of the texts referred to, and I haven't read any of the
modern books like Renfrow's, and maybe these would answer my
questions, but I thought I'd go to you folks first.  

Thanks for your time,
Chris "no fancy name yet" Hebert

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