hist-brewing: First mead

Gary Henderson cucymry at mnic.net
Tue Jan 5 16:04:41 PST 1999

Greetings again. For those interested we sampled my first mead (boy do I
have a ways to go.) It was still tart at 6 weeks but I have discovered
another problem. I used champaine yeast as per this recipe and guess what
happen on openning of my first not even lightly shaken bottle, Well let's
say the resulting spray was appropiate to the new years eve that it was
opened on. I was also informed my other bottles were close to going. Is
there a way to cut down on the fizz because I see alot of mead recipes using
champaine yeast. It should be noted that I did not rack (something that now
is a must for the future as the stuff on the bottom of the bottle was vile.)
so it sat in the same bottle for 6 weeks. Please feel free to comment or
share like experences (the best way of learning)
Dameon cu Cymry
AKA Gary Henderson

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