hist-brewing: re:oral histories

John Lifer, jr jliferjr at misnet.com
Wed Dec 30 08:43:11 PST 1998

Interesting conversation concerning oral histories.  If you take away
telephones, televisions, radios and most other "noise makers"  what
would you and your clan do in the evening before you went to sleep?  You
would repeat stories and learn to listen and memorize these so you would
be able to pass them along to your decendants.
Don't think that just because something is written down, that it is
either accurate, truthful, or correct.  We have an awful lot of
pseudo-history being taught to our children right now!  I've run across
several manuscripts recently that had factual errors in them, that were
'researched' by their authors.  We are just more comfortable with the
written word in out society.  It is what we learned from.
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