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<< Hello! I guess I've played the game "telephone" far too often to believe
 such a long story can be passed down unaltered for centuries.  >>
	That's because you (and I) don't come from a culture with a bardic tradition.
The skalds of Scandinavia, like the Celtic Bards, were required to memorize
the sagas or epics as part of their training.  Nomadic and other non-literate
cultures have to do that, or they have no history at all, since they cannot
afford the weight of books.
	Inuit living in the area where Sir John Franklin's ship _Breadalbane_ sank on
his doomed Northwest Passage expedition, were able 150 years later to tell
20th century explorers how many had survived the winter, and where they had
gone the following spring, and the later explorers were able to go there and
find the remains of those men.
	It's too bad the SCA is dominated by people raised in the Greco-Roman
tradition of the written word being God.
	In Joy and Service,       THL Scotti

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