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Baden,Doug baden at oclc.org
Tue Dec 29 12:08:14 PST 1998

Yes, you have it.  OK, I will differ on you about oral tradition.  I have
not read the background work by Friberg and Lonnrot, but they do work from
the folk poets, though the numbers of Folk Poets are certainly wearing thin.
To hold this office takes memorization skills that are nothing less than
astounding.  The recitiation must be perfect in word, inflection, and tone.
Nothing less will do.  I have met a few of these people and honestly I could
not do this.  

As for the Kalevala being a primary source, it is a compilation of oral
sources based heavily on these poets, therefore as most secondary in nature.
I can agree with you, Cindy that this is suspect, but oral tradition may be
all we have.  As for the deep historical possibilities of this specific
source, I again agree with you, until I can work from his notes, as this is
a compilation.  

I would love to get a copy of Lonnrot's collection of oral poems that he
worked from (he published them), and while the University of Minnesota has
his "Kanteletar, elikkä Suomen kansan vanhoja lauluja ja virsiä", it is
signed by Lonnrot, and so will not be lent.  I would have to learn Finnish
and Swedish anyway.


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