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Cindy Renfrow renfrow at skylands.net
Tue Dec 29 10:51:15 PST 1998

>Hops have been used for beer as early as 1000 BC.  I have primary
>documentation about that (The Kalevase (sp?)).  It was used by the
>Scandinavian countries extensively all the way down through the Germanic
>countries, where it was fought as a weed.  Hops have been called Germany's
>answer to Kudzu.  I have seen hop plants on German city coats of arms from
>as early as 800 AD.

Hello!  Are you referring to The Kalevala?
"An Osmo decendant, a brewer of beer, a maiden, maker of table beers,
took some grains of barley, six grains of barley,
seven hop pods, eight dippers of water..."

The Kalevala is a fairly modern poem based on oral tradition, and IMO, is
unusable as documentation.

There is a Kalevala website http://www.teleport.com/~johnv/kalevala.htm

>From their site:
"The Kalevala, the national epic of Finland, was
compiled by the physician, folklorist, and
philologist Elias Lonnrot (1802-1884) in the
course of twelve research trips (1828- 1844),
made on foot or skis, which took him north to
Petsamo in the Arctic, east to Archangel on the
White Sea, and south to Ingria and Estonia, as
well as through much of present day Finland
and the Karelian Autonomous Soviet Republic.
Gifted with a remarkable memory, Lonnrot
collected the songs of unlettered folk singers
and wove them into a long narrative poem,"

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