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<< you're looking at meads, wines,
  and probably ales but I don't do any research in the beer and ale
  department so don't quote me on the ales.   >>

	Ale has been brewed since Sumerian times, but there has always been a problem
with it going sour with age.  Various things were used in Europe as
preservatives for ale before the discovery of hops in late Medieval times.
	As used in late Period, ale means "without hops" while beer means "with
I have one undocumented reference which says the use of hops began in 1264.
Hops were first grown and used in England in 1554. Their use was widespread as
a preservative and flavoring agent by 1577, when Rev. Wm. Harrison described
beermaking in his "Description of England" segment of Holinshed's _Chronicles_
(see http://leeharrison.simplenet.com/bwp/har/index.html, beginning on page
  Modern usage calls anything fermented from grain "beer", and subdivides the
category into Ales made using top-fermenting yeasts, and Lagers made using
bottom-fermenting yeasts.

In Joy and Service,    THL Scotti mac Curraugh

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