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<As usual I sent this a week or so ago by hitting "reply" and forgot
that, unlike my other mailing lists, that doesn't necessarily mean it
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I don't have any documentation that the distillation process existed
 before the fourteenth century.  So, you're looking at meads, wines,
 and probably ales but I don't do any research in the beer and ale
 department so don't quote me on the ales.  The first mention I have of
 distillation used in medical form is Arnald de Villanova's _Book of
 Wine_ circa @1309.  Does anyone else have any earlier information? 
 As for proportions any modern book on kitchen cordials will be of help.
 Beth Ann
 ---Gary Henderson <cucymry at mnic.net> wrote:
 > Greetings to all . I am new to this field of study (consumption?)
 and I am
 > trying to find about what hard spirits existed if any from 6-800 AD
 also I
 > know there is a basic infusion recipee vodka suger and the product
 you want
 > the taste from but I have no idea of the porportions
 > Thank you Gary

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