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Owenbrau1 at aol.com Owenbrau1 at aol.com
Wed Dec 23 18:24:36 PST 1998

<<> 	(1) That is NOT distillation, that's concentration by partial freezing.  

The technical term is "freeze distillation", at least in the making of 

the term is "fractional crystalization". distilling removes the fractions you
want, leaving behind the rest. fractional crystalization removes (one of) the
fraction you don't want, i.e., water. it does leave behind all the nasty,
"higher alcohols", that are removed in distillation (they are dumped in the
first runnings). it goes back pretty far; probably at least as far as true
distilling. all it would take would be to leave your wine, cider, beer, etc
out in the cold.

from a legal standpoint, the ATF doesn't care which process is used; we can't
do it at home legally.

Owen ap Robert

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