hist-brewing: Braggots

John Purdy John_Purdy at Jabil.com
Sat Nov 21 13:52:21 PST 1998

	Duncan Faramach MacLeod wrote : 

	Hello Folks,
	Duncan Faramach MacLeod here,
	I looking for any references (no matter how obscure!) to braggots.
	help would be appreciated!
	Thank you

	Yup, that seems to be my goal nowadays as well.  Unfortunately my
luck has been poor.  I came by only two or three recipes on the 'net (cat's
meow archives?) and one in my mead book.  Several places mentioned the brew
organizations which one might look to for help are rather non-informative as
well.  I ran into a comment about how one organization has it so loosely
defined as to allow any beverage that "receives at least half of its
fermentables from honey."  I have 5gal to bottle around turkey day.  I will
be making another batch then.  It will be my fourth braggot.  It has the
second runnings from a highly-hopped pale, a can of amber extract, (Boo!
Hiss!) juice and pulp of a handful of limes for the acid,  a family tea bag
in the boil for tannin, and marmite for nutrients and about 17lb orange
blossom honey.  The next will be an all-grain (yeah!) mostly wheat malt,
with a similar lime-tea-marmite combination and hopefully my Rocky Mountain
wildflower honey will be in by then.  Otherwise it's local wildflower honey.
I am planning on priming half the batch and leaving the other half still
when I bottle.  I have not seen anything indicating priming a braggot but
the last one came out kinda champagne-y so it should go well. It also
utilized primarily wheat malts.

	Here's a little something in parting...

Beer is for me, beer is for you,
First I'll have one, then I'll have two.

After three or more, I'll find me a whore,
I'll drink till I'm drunk, and I'll even have more.

I'll get up and dance, I'll get down and dirty,
I'll hit on a fat lady 'cause, "She's so damn 'purty"

Seven, then eight, nine, and then ten,
The drinking don't stop till the puking begins.

I'll get really tired, be ready for bed,
Then fall on the toilet and crack open my head.

There I will stay till the sun comes up,
My friends will all tell me, "Man you were f*^&ed up!"

"F*^& you!" I say, "I had a good time."
"Until you got naked for quarters and  dimes."

"Even that was fun," I'll say with a sneer,
Thanks to my friend, that cold case of beer. 

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