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: 	Attention Equestrians and Horse Enthusiasts!  There is a new
: SCA newsletter that may interest you.  Society Hoofbeats-the newsletter
: the office of the Society Deputy Marshal for Equestrian Activities, is a
: new society-wide newsletter devoted to the Horse in the SCA.
: Society Hoofbeats will be published quarterly (paper format) and is
: as a venue for a wide variety of material; from the latest news from the 
: Society Equestrian Officer and IKEqC up-dates to Equestrian How-To and 
: research articles.  The first edition is scheduled to be published in
: January with subsequent issues in the second half of the months of April,
: July, and October.  Anyone wishing to contribute artwork and/or articles
: please contact the Chronicler, Lady Isabeau Pferdebandiger
: (address listed below), for material deadlines and permission form info.
: Subscriptions will be $10(U.S.) for 1 year for U.S. and Canadian
: and $15(U.S.) for 1 year for all other addresses.  Subscriptions will run
: within the calendar year.  Subscribers who subscribe at full price later
in the
: year will recieve all back issues for the year as fullfillment of their
: subscription -OR- for pro-rated subscription send $2.50 per remaining
: for U.S. and CAN addresses or $3.75 per remaining issue for all other
: Because all newsletter funds must go through an SCA account, The Middle 
: Kingdom Equestrian College has been kind enough to share their account
: exchequer with us.  Therefore all subscription checks or money orders
: be made out to: SCA,inc., Middle Kingdom Equestrian College with the
: "Society Hoofbeats subscription" in the memo line.          
: send to: Society Hoofbeats chronicler Attn: Karen Stegmeier,
: 1345 N. Kickapoo Rd. Attica, IN 47918  questions reguarding material may
: be addressed on email at karen at addl.purdue.edu             
: From:  karen at addl.purdue.edu (Karen Stegmeier)
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