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Jeff Renner nerenner at umich.edu
Sat Nov 7 05:55:43 PST 1998

pwp at cs.cmu.edu wrote:
>I found a bushel to be a bit less than a 50-lbs sack of malt: 36 liters
>X 1.32 lbs/liter (my measurement) is 47.5 lbs.

When weighing other grains such as malted wheat and malted oats, don't
forget that they will differ in density.  In our discussion last February.
At that time I wrote:

>I like bjm10 at cornell.edu's suggestion that we use volume measures and thus
>not have to worry about converting to weights.  The unknown conversion
>factors drop out.  I agree that different grains have different densities.
>I just called the local feed mill:
>wheat is 60 lbs./bu.
>barley is 48 lbs./bu.
>oats are 32 lbs./bu. (why are oats always plural?)
>I believe that density is reduced a bit by malting.  But none of this
>matters if we just use volumes.  Thanks for that suggestion.   It does
>mean, however, that we are dealing with a lot less grain than we thought.
>So, wheat:barley:oats is not 1:1:4 by weight, but rather approximately 3:2:8

Note that this agrees very well with Paul's measurement for barley malt.
Now that I know that oat malt doesn't produce a set mash, and since
commercial malt is available, I suspect that I will next try this with the
original weight ratios of malts, 3:2:8, rather than the 1:1:2 that I used
out of such a concern.


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