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> A quarter was a dry measure of volume equal to 8 bushels.  According
> to Bennett, this was about 290 liters.  This vaguely matches the
> American Heritage Dictionary definition for bushel, which lists a
> modern US bushel at 35.24 liters, and a modern UK bushel at 36.37 l.

its not always 8..

in 1381 its officially 8 bushels as decreed by law, but in practice it was
1/4 of a 36 bushel chaldron which = 9

this from "period Metrology" referencing Men and Measures by edward
nicholson 1912 and 

'8 bushels striked should make teh Quarter of corn nevertheless that
divers people will not buy but 9 bushels for the quarter."
- 15 Richard II

But in general a quarter is equal to 8 bushels.

1 quarter = 8 bushels = 64 gallons of wheat = 512 troy pounds = 422 us.

is my math.

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