hist-brewing: Oat malts and Domesday Ale update

pwp at cs.cmu.edu pwp at cs.cmu.edu
Fri Nov 6 14:40:01 PST 1998

< Cool beans!  I'll finally be able to order the stuff.  Of course, I'll be 
< doing the St. Paul's Ale, but what d'ye think they meant by "quarters"?  
< Is it the measure of volume that was used in the 15th and 16th centuries?

A quarter was a dry measure of volume equal to 8 bushels.  According
to Bennett, this was about 290 liters.  This vaguely matches the
American Heritage Dictionary definition for bushel, which lists a
modern US bushel at 35.24 liters, and a modern UK bushel at 36.37 l.

I found a bushel to be a bit less than a 50-lbs sack of malt: 36 liters
X 1.32 lbs/liter (my measurement) is 47.5 lbs.

		--Paul (Tofi)

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